How much do you know about the use of solar energy? 1 article accurate make it clear!

How much do you know about the use of solar energy

How much do you know about the use of solar energy? 1 article accurate make it clear!

Introduction to the use of solar energy

The use of solar energy is very extensive. Solar energy is clean energy and renewable energy. The acquisition and utilization of energy is an important part of the process of human society. In recent years, the use of solar energy has attracted more and more attention, but the application of solar energy is not very widespread. Is this true? Let’s take a look.

Solar water heaters

Solar water heater is a relatively simple and crude way of using solar energy, that is, “light-heat utilization”. The application cases below in this article are all “light-electricity utilization”.

The principle is this: sunlight radiates to the heat-absorbing layer of the black glass tube of the water heater. The heat-absorbing layer absorbs the heat of the solar energy and then transfers it to the water in the tube. The heated water flows upwards along the heating surface of the glass tube into the insulated water storage barrel, and the relatively low-temperature water in the barrel enters the glass tube along the backlight surface of the glass tube for replenishment. Such continuous circulation causes the water in the insulated water storage barrel to be continuously heated, thereby achieving the purpose of hot water.


The small black bar above the calculator is the solar panel, which is also a use of solar energy. The size is about 0.8*3cm, calculated based on the 500w/m2 sunlight exposure in the office. This solar panel can receive approximately 0.12W of solar energy and can generate 24mW (milliwatt) of electrical power based on a photoelectric conversion coefficient of 20%. This is enough for a calculator that requires less than 1mW of power, and can even be used in very dark environments.

Street lamp

This kind of street light has become very common. It is very simple to identify whether a street light is powered by solar energy on the road. Just look to see if there is a solar panel (a black block with a grid) on the top of the street light. Street lights are generally illuminated at night. During the day, the solar panels convert the absorbed light energy into electrical energy and store it in the street light battery. The battery will light up the street light at a set time on the road.

Engineers optimize the use of solar energy in photovoltaic cell design
Engineers optimize the use of solar energy in photovoltaic cell design

Its features:

Easy installation: When installing solar street lights, there is no need to install complicated wiring.

Low capital investment: Solar street lights are a one-time investment and benefit in the long term. Due to the simple wiring, no maintenance costs are incurred, which can save the high electricity bills of municipal circuit lights.

Good safety performance: Since solar street lights use 12-24V low voltage, the voltage is stable and reliable in operation. There are no safety hazards, and accidents such as electric shocks and fires are eliminated.

Energy saving and environmental protection: use of solar energy, providing electrical energy through solar photoelectric conversion, which is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. No pollution, no noise, no radiation.

Long life: The life of solar lamps is much longer than that of ordinary electric lamps. The service life of solar cell components is 25 years; the average life of ultra-bright LEDs is more than 50,000 hours; the life of special solar batteries is 2-5 years.

Traffic light

Compared with ordinary signal lights, solar signal lights are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Because of their power storage function, there is no need to lay cables during installation, which can effectively avoid power outages caused by construction. Under continuous rain, snow, and cloudy conditions, the solar signal lights can guarantee normal operation for 72 hours.

Especially for some temporary emergency traffic changes due to road maintenance or traffic control, the use of solar energy, solar traffic lights are more practical.

Car air purifier

Affected by urban air quality, air purifiers are becoming more and more popular among people, and vehicle-mounted solar air purifiers have emerged.

Mobile phone charger

A great mobile phone charging tool for outdoor travel, solving the problem of running out of battery. Solar energy resources are crucial for renewable power generation.

Toys or decorations

How to supply energy for dynamic decorations? Using regular batteries is of course also a viable option. But people seem more comfortable with solar-powered trinkets. The reason is that it saves the trouble of replacing batteries and seems to be more technological.

We can see that the use of solar energy in life is already very extensive, and there will be more in the future. The abundance of solar energy resources is

Advances in the use of solar energy improve storage technology for batteries
Advances in the use of solar energy improve storage technology for batteries